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Investment Home Loans.

Choosing the right loan for an investment property can sometimes be confusing. But we can help you find the right loan and interest rate for your new, or existing, investment property.  

What is an investment home loan? 

It is a type of home loan or mortgage, that’s used to buy an investment property. And an investment property is a house, unit or apartment you buy and rent out (you don’t live in). 

If you’re a seasoned investor or just starting on your investment journey, investing in property is a great way to secure a better future and creating your wealth. 


Here at ASA Mortgage Brokers, we can make sure you get the best out of it.

What are the benefits of owning an investment property? 

If you are in for the long haul, you buy your investment property at a good price and it increases in value, you can benefit from capital growth. And once you’ve paid an investment loan off, the rent can become an income stream. 


There are also a number of tax benefits that apply to investment properties. For example, some of the costs involved with owning an investment property, such as the cost of repairs and maintenance, advertising for tenants, insurance, and the interest on the loan, may be tax deductible. 


You may also have the option of using the investment property’s equity to make improvements on the property or buy more investment properties. You could even build a property portfolio. 

We can help you get the best investment home loan rate* from as low as:

Fixed: Inv (P&I) 1 year


Comparison rate 5.02%

Variable: Inv (P&I) 


Comparison rate 2.15%

With our networks and industry contacts, we can help you get the best rate from over 30 lenders.

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*Subject to lender's credit policies & criteria. Rates may not apply to all. A full individual financial assessment is required.

Note: The information provided by the calculator is intended to provide general information and illustrative example purpose based on stated assumptions and your inputs. The calculation is meant as estimates and it is advised that you consult with the mortgage broker about your specific circumstances. 


How does it work?


Free Initial Assessment

We’ll learn more about you through a no obligation, free assessment. Your finances are important, but we also like to get to know you and understand your needs. 


Quick Phone Call

We’ll then give you a quick call about the next steps we’ll take together to find you the right investment loan and interest rate for you and your property.


Loan Assessment

ASA Mortgage Brokers will conduct a loan assessment for a complete proposal. 


Get The Best Rate

ASA Mortgage Brokers always aims to save you money on your loans, from the rate to the fees and work on getting the best deal for your individual circumstances.

Why Choose ASA Mortgage

  • We’re independent, with a panel of 40+ lenders. 


  • We are averaging 4.9 / 5 stars on our Google Reviews. 


  • We provide you with a personalised, streamlined service and based on experience and knowledge. 


  • We have access to resources, such as CoreLogic RP Data reports that help us make informed recommendations and decisions

  • We're local! ASA Mortgage Brokers service locally around the Pakenham, Cranbourne and Berwick areas

  • We're dedicated to getting great investment home loan deals for our clients. 


If you’re looking for a better investment loan, get in contact with us today.

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Excellent service from start to finish. Was very quick to get the best rate on the market and all my calls were either answered or called back within the hour.


I used his service for refinancing our properties and I received the best rate. Thanks, Anupa!


June 2020

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The service provided by ASA Mortgage Brokers was excellent. Throughout the process, he has kept us fully up to date with the whole process and ensure that we were advised of any requirements form the lenders.

Thank you for helping us to land on our dream home. 

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July 2019

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 We got good advices and were kept updated throughout the process. He took the stress out of arranging a mortgage and always provided the best option for us. I’m extremely happy with the service I received and would definitely recommend ASA Mortgage Brokers for home buyers.

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September 2019