Fact-Finding Interview

Once you contacted us, we will endevour to get in touch with you to arrange a meeting to complete fact-finding which enable us to understand your financial position & requirement. You will receive our Credit Guide & Privacy Consent to review and sign including the Credit Quote which outlines any fees we may charge if applicable.

Complete Full Assessment

When the fac-finding is completed, we will request supporting documents including your financials to assess your file to find a best-suited solution & recommendations. We have a streamlined process which digitally engaged to collect documents via our portals.

Present Recommendation

Once we have completed the full assessment on your file, we will present you a minimum of three potential lenders with a recommended solution to your financial requirement. You will receive the Statement of Credit Assistance (SOCA) to review and sign as authority to proceed with the recommended lender to apply.

Loan Submission

Once you have reviewed and signed the SOCA, we will prepare the loan application for you to review and sign before we submit to the recommended lender. Once the loan application is signed by the applicant(s), then we will apply through our system to the lender along with the supporting documents.


Once the loan application is submitted, the lender will assess the application for a pre-approval. Sometimes, the lender may request additional information or up to date documents if needed. The applicants will be notified once the pre-approval is granted by the lender.

A pre-approval is valid for 90 days or otherwise advised by the lender.

Formal Approval

Once the applicants receive pre-approval, you have enough time to find a property that you like to purchase or build by signing a contract of sale (COS). Once you signed the COS, please forward a copy of the contract to us for attaching to the loan application with the lender to assess further for formal approval. Formal approval is also known as unconditional approval as well.

Issue Loan Documents

When the lender is satisfied with the documents provided and any conditions met with the loan application with the unconditional approval, the loan documents will be issued to the applicant(s) to review and sign.

Please note that the loan documents are legally bound documents and you should seek legal advice if not sure before you signing them.

Settlement & Post-settlement Follow Up

When the reviewed & signed loan documents received and verified by the lender and its solicitors, the loan settlement is booked as required. ASA Mortgage Brokers consultant will provide all the support you need through out these steps to make sure you are on top of things with your loan application.

Once the loan is settled, we will follow up with the experience & post-settlement requirement you may experiencing with the new lender. We are also committed to conduct regular reviews on your loans to keep you up to date.